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Are you looking for an online therapist in California?

Best Life Therapy is a premier group of virtual therapists. We offer online tele-therapy to those who reside in California. 


You’ve reached a point where you know it’s time to ask for help. There’s no shame in that. In fact, you should feel proud

Starting something new is scary. We understand that taking the steps to start therapy is a big deal. Whether scheduling your first appointment takes minutes or weeks, know that once it’s done we’ll be right there to walk with you through this journey. 

You no longer have to figure it all out on your own. No one should have to. 

None of us were handed a manual on how to do life. 

Together we’ll work through barriers to reach your goals and potential.  

You’ve come to the right place. 

We offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore and grow into the best version of yourself. 

You deserve to live your Best Life!


Our virtual therapists work in California with a wide range of treatment areas such as anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, the entertainment industry, life transitions, and maternal mental health. 

Our practice of online therapists in California can serve those living within the state. We believe that everyone deserves access to mental health treatment. Because of this, our primary goal is to make therapy more accessible. We’ve done this in two ways:

  1. We offer online therapy, also known as teletherapy or virtual therapy in California. Our team is licensed in California and can serve anyone living within the state. 

  2. Our online therapy practice accepts insurance and offers sliding scale rates. We understand that cost can be a barrier for those seeking a therapist. By accepting insurance we hope to make our services available to more people. 

Our team of skilled and compassionate therapists share the same values and approach to therapy. 

We offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic methods to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

Not sure if we can help? Reach out and we’ll set you in the right direction. 


At Best Life Therapy, we share a vision for a comprehensive and holistic approach to modern mental healthcare. Therapy should be collaborative and leave you feeling empowered. Our goal is for you to see and feel a transformation in your life. Our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, integrative, and evidence-based psychological care to support you in living your Best Life.

Our diverse and multicultural team includes AAPI, Middle Eastern, and Latinx clinicians.

Dr. Tala Johartchi, PsyD

Clinical Director/Founder

Dr. Tala Johartchi is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles, CA with expertise and advanced training in Evidence-Based Practices and therapeutic/behavioral frameworks.

Mental Health Therapists


When Dr. Tala Johartchi founded Best Life Therapy, she wanted to create more access to quality Mental Health by offering virtual services and accepting insurance.

By bringing together a group of highly qualified therapists who have a shared vision of serving their clients, Best Life Therapy is a premier group of virtual therapists based in California. 


Our highly trained professional therapists have a deep understanding of how important your therapy journey is. Each one has specialized methods but all have a common goal — To help you gain insights into yourself, move through stuck points, and live your Best Life. 


Our team shares the same values and approaches to therapy, so you can feel confident in the work you’ll do with your therapist. 

You’re taking steps to seek out support. This isn’t something we take lightly. 

We’ll dig into your background, where you are now, and where you see your future self. We use evidence-based therapeutic approaches that are tailored to your unique experiences.  


Check out our FAQ page for answers about our process, the nitty gritty (Yes! We accept insurance), and more. 

Ready to connect with one of our therapists?


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